Having discussed why body language is important in an interview, it is necessary to also address the appropriate body language during interviews.

After reading this article, you will become familiar with the good posture and positive body language to have in an interview. And this will help you secure your dream job.

Already, it is known that an interview is the next step after the hiring managers must have gone through your CV/resume.

The same way you painstakingly crafted your resume and cover letter is the same way you should prepare well – training yourself on how to display positive body language.

Although many body language factors are considered by different employers, body language experts believe there are general tips that cut across all interviews.

And this article focuses on the general tips that”ll help you work straight into the interview room with confidence…like someone who already got the job.

Here are 10 body language tips you should keep in mind for your next interview:

1. Maintain Direct Eye Contact

Maintaining direct eye contact might seem like a perfect idea. But look at it this way. You don’t want to appear too rehearsed. You also don’t want to appear insecure and intimidated. your facial expression will tell a lot about you.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to strike a balance between face contact and eye contact. Don’t just stare into the eyes of the interviewer.

Also look at the face in general, from the lips to the nostrils, ears and back to the eyes. This way, you appear relaxed and totally in control of the conversation.

2. Don’t Slouch

It may be hard for someone who is already used to slouching. But it’s not so difficult to learn to sit up. Practise before the interview. Get the perfect sitting position that gives you the ability to sit up, even if you’d feel tempted to slouch later. When you sit up, it passes you off as smart. This is vital in determining your chances of landing the job.

3. Occasionally Nod Your Head 

During the conversation, it is important to not sit still. Remember, you are not a robot. You need to show your interest in the conversation by occasionally nodding your head as you listen to questions being asked or comments being made. It makes your interviewer also feel certain of your attentiveness.

4. Freely Move Your Hands

In an interview, the way by which you can show you are not tense is to use hand gestures. Don’t keep your hands still while speaking. No, you will not be distracting their attention with your moving hands. You will also not appear anxious as you do so. What you will be communicating through your hand gestures is that you are open and trustworthy.

5. Don’t Cross Your Legs

While you want to appear relaxed and confident as possible, you also don’t want to forget why you’re there. You are there for an interview. Therefore, to give your utmost attention to the topic on the ground, you should keep your legs still and well placed on the ground.

Remember that you are to sit up. Thus, it will be awkward to sit up while crossing your legs as you try to sustain the interest of your interviewer throughout the session.

6. Don’t Speak on Low Tones

The tone of your voice is also important. While you don’t want to appear cocky, you also don’t want to pass yourself off as unreliable. Your barely audible voice – even if you’re saying the right things – can work against you. Speak confidently. But don’t mistake low tones for courtesy. It will be misread as a lack of preparedness.

7. Be Firm With Your Handshake

A firm handshake often indicates your preparedness for the interviewer. Most often than none, it is likely that the interviewer will initiate a handshake before and after your session. Therefore, you should show your level of preparedness and interest right from the moment of shaking hands. This will help create a good impression of you.

8. Avoid Restless Habits

For your interview, you should try as much as possible to avoid any habits you may have that indicate restlessness. It may be picking your nostrils or biting your fingernails. It may even be something as irrelevant as shaking your legs. These habits may have been developed over time. But they are certainly inappropriate for a job interview.

9. Place Your Personal Items on the Floor

When you have your bag or briefcase by your side on the floor, it presents you as smart. It also takes the focus away from your items. You want them to be able to see you clearly as you speak. Your bag or briefcase shouldn’t have to stand in the way. Also, it helps you feel relaxed enough to engage the interviewer without any obstructions.

10. Walk Smartly and Confidently

A sluggish walk will lower your chances of being the preferred candidate. While walking, be upright and don’t slouch or lower your gaze. Your eyes should slowly move around to observe your surroundings and then to what’s in front of you. Your excellent posture as you walk to the interview room is an indication of your enthusiasm.


It cannot be overstated that your body language in an interview is one of the major hiring factors. Preparing for it means investing wisely. With the tips in this article, you can be sure that your body language will be marked excellent. Thus, you stand higher chances of landing your dream job.

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