Tips for Successful Job Interview

To be called for an interview is a good start. But you don’t want to go to an interview unprepared. It is a huge mistake. You want to go fully prepared so that you will land the job. That is why you need some tips on how to be successful at a job interview.

This article, provides you with tips and advice you may need to ace your next interview. And if you need a career coach, you can get access to our expert career support services here.

Here are the 10 good tips and advice to make your job interview session a smooth one.

1. Read about the company

Immediately after the call ends, go online to search for the company. If the company is not on the internet, then it is not genuine. Don’t fall victim. Don’t go for the interview if you can’t find the company online. 

What you should take note of when reading about the company is their objectives, mission statement, and values.

2. Get your writing materials ready

Don’t go to the interview empty-handed. You should get your materials: pen, paper, jotter ready for the interview before the day of the interview. This will help you get to the venue early. 

3. Go through your CV/Resume/Cover letter

This is very important. Although copies of your resume and cover letter are already with the company, you should go through your copies too. They may ask you to come with a few copies. Arrange them neatly in your file. Put the file in a safe place where you can easily find it before leaving for the interview.

4. Get your outfit ready

Select a comfortable outfit. But it should be smart – it should not be too tight and it should not be too loose. Try to find the company’s colour. Say, the company’s colour is blue, you can wear blue too or something with a touch of blue. Most importantly, make sure your outfit is professional.

5. Ask for directions

Don’t be ashamed to ask the company for directions if it’s a place you have never been to. And even if you know the place but are not sure of the venue, ask. This will save you the stress of getting to the venue late because you didn’t know your way.

6. Go with enough cash

This will save you from being stranded on your way. You want to get to the interview early enough so that you can relax your mind and nerves before it starts. This is why you have to go with enough cash to cover food, sufficient airtime, and transportation.

7. Prepare your questions

This tips for a successful job interview is very important. The interviewers will ask you questions. And you should have them prepared. Write down the questions in a jotter so you don’t forget them. Not having any questions for the hiring managers can destroy your chances of getting hired. Because sometimes, they just want to learn from you.

8. Maintain your calm

Your body language is very important and I recommend you read why your body language is important – we previously covered this in our post. Before the day of the interview and on the day, be calm. While it is normal to feel anxious, you should be calm to give your very best. Making it this far to the interview is a good thing. Don’t let too much anxiety ruin it for you.

9. Be polite to everyone

Don’t overlook this. Everything matters, including your courtesy to people. Be warm and friendly with everyone you meet at the company. Don’t exaggerate it, but don’t be lukewarm either. Let them see that you are an enthusiastic person. It will boost your chances of getting hired because it gives them a good impression of yourself.

10. Get back to them after the interview with a ‘thank you’ note

A simple ‘thank you, I enjoyed the interview’ will go a long way in boosting your chances of getting the job. Many times, employers don’t say it but they observe the candidates who take time to get back to them after the interview. It shows that you are interested in the role and cannot wait to start working. 

These interview tips and advice you’ve learned here will guide you through your job interviews. Every tip is important and you should take them seriously.

…If you do, you’re on your way to landing the job

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