12 Signs Your Job Interview Went Well

After your interview, it is completely normal to wonder if it went well or not – especially if you were nervous before the interview. Or that’s the company where you really want to work.

And that might get you worried and wondering if the job interview was a success or a flop.

But to help you erase all fears and worries, there are some signs that will make you know if it all went well. So, before submitting your application to another company, read the signs below. You might just be in for a surprise!

Note: It is good to always keep in mind that getting called for an interview means the employers are already interested in you. The interview is simply where you get to convince them that you’re the right candidate for the job.

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Let’s get started…

Here are 12 signs that your job interview was a success.

1. You spoke at length with the interviewer

This is a very good sign for you. The average interview lasts for 30 minutes. So, if your discussion with the interviewer went beyond the normal time, it means the company is very interested in hiring you for the job position. 

2. You were asked for references

If the hiring manager asked you for references, it is a good sign that your job interview went well. It means they are interested in giving you a chance to further prove yourself. You should take this as a good sign.

3. You were asked about other job offers

If this happened during your last interview, then it is a sign that it went well. They asked you this question to know how to speed up with hiring you or increasing their offer to you. If they are not interested in you, then this question would likely not have come up.

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4. You received positive remarks

This is a good sign that your interview went well. It means that you impressed the interviewers with your answers. If they said positive things regarding your cover letter or resume, then it means they are interested in having you on board. 

5. You were told the benefits of working with them

If the interview got to the point of them telling you the benefits of working with the company, then it is a good sign that it went well. This means that they want you to be as interested in the company as they are in you. They also told you because they see you as a strong candidate.

6. You were told your specific job details in full

This is another good sign. Your potential employer took the time to explain the specific duties you will be carrying out in the new role. This is not done with every candidate. You have higher chances if the interviewer focused on the duties you (and not the successful candidate) will be performing.

7. You were scheduled for a second interview

Companies call only candidates they see as a good fit for them for a second interview. So, if this happened at your last job interview, it is a sign that it went well. The second interview is for them to be thoroughly sure that you are the best fit for the role.

8. You were introduced to their staff

This is a good sign that the interview is a success. It means that they have narrowed down the prospective candidate to you. The interviewer would not introduce you to key employees in the company if they had no interest in you.

9. Your salary was discussed

If your salary was discussed during the interview, then it is a good sign that you will be hired for the job. Usually, the salary plan/structure is only discussed with candidates who convinced the interviewers well enough that they are the best fit for the role.

10. The interviewer is clear about the next step

If the interviewer told you the specific next steps after the interview, then it’s a sign that it went well. Telling you the next steps in clear terms means they are seriously considering you for the role.

11. Your personal number was received

If the interviewer asked for your personal number to get back to you, take it as a sign that you’re being highly considered for the role. This is a good sign that your interview went well.

12. You were given a specific time-frame regarding their response

This is also very important. Your job interview went well if you got a specific time-frame to expect their response. It means you’re on the top list of the candidates they want in the role. If you are not being seriously considered, then they would give you a vague time-frame. 

Now you know the signs of a successful job interview. So, feel relaxed. A good interview is the first step to your success. With the signs in this article, you can be sure that your interview went well.

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