Every hiring agency in Nigeria is always on the lookout for the best skills, experience and qualifications amongst the large pool of job applicants. Harnessing the right medium and using the right hiring strategy is to get the right of talent is very important.

Gone are the days when newspaper, radio, and televisions were the primary means of advertising job vacancies. The internet and job listing websites in Nigeria now make it possible and easy to reach a wider audience of job seekers.

Below are 5 important tips you should employ when posting your job vacancy online.

  1. Have a Job title:

    Although this might seem trivial and easy but it is a very essential feature that can attract the right candidates. Use job titles that reveal the major aspects of the job you are offering. For instance, you can use event and sponsorship manager instead of marketer. Also, endeavour to keep job titles short and concise. Optimize job titles using keywords you know your potential employees will search for.

  2. Write a compelling job description:

    When writing your job description, aim to create content that is intriguing and engaging. It is important to highlight the most important piece of information first, make a bullet list of your job requirements, set clear expectations telling them exactly what you want and what they should expect from you, include headings and also make keywords bold where possible.An ideal job description should include the following:
    – Job title
    – Role summary
    – Qualifications and skills required
    – Job duties and responsibilities
    – Special demands (such as travel etc).Furthermore, indicate if you’re willing to let them work remotely or offer work from home days, that could sway their decision. More importantly, your job description should reflect your company’s culture, history and values. Don’t hesitate to have it reviewed by someone who is knowledgeable about the company’s culture and job responsibilities.

  3. Replicate your applications on job boards:

    For instance, on careersnigeria.com we list quality job vacancies in Nigeria and also help employers recruit qualified candidates. We have high-quality CV templates, Cover letter templates, and a CV builder. Aside from attracting the most suitable candidates, we provide a dashboard that allows you to see all applicants at a glance, view and forward their resumes, email them and even schedule interviews with them, all in one place.

  4. Post & Advertise jobs on social media:

    Post and advertise jobs on your social media company pages like LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. To make give your job ad a wider reach, you can include hashtags, place the application link on your company’s home page and include a CTA (call to action). Through social media, you can tap into the power of your potential employees. Consider involving a social media strategist to carry out this function.

  5. Make applications easy:

    You don’t want to lose the perfect potential employee out of frustration from filling a ten paged form or questionnaire in the name of applying for a job. Ensure that the application process is easy and straightforward. In addition, most applicants use mobile phones to carry out job searches, however, optimizing for a mobile-friendly website will make job application easy.

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