Microcred Group

Our mission: building a responsible group of financial institutions dedicated to microfinance.

MicroCred was founded in 2005, through the initiative of Arnaud Ventura, founder and CEO, by PlaNet Finance and partners shareholders.

MicroCred Holding is an investment company that invests in and manages responsible institutions and provides them with the technical assistance they need to become leaders in their respective countries.

Our vision and objective
MicroCred provides technical support to the microfinance institutions in its investment portfolio. Thus, the subsidiaries share the same strategic direction and common practices. MicroCred provides tools, methodologies and common procedures, including :

Procedures and guidelines for the management, administration, funding and reporting;
A common group Management Information System (MIS);
A common policy for monitoring and managing social performance according to the local conditions;Processes complying with the principles of responsible finance, including the Clients Protection Principles of the Smart Campaign;
A range of customer-oriented products and services that are innovative and consistent within the Group; A strong brand and marketing strategy;
Good governance and internal control policies;
Human Resources Management methodologies and procedures in order to create a strong “corporate culture”;
Access to international financing.

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