how to describe your work ethic

It’s the day of your job interview and you are almost prepared. But there is something you should not forget… And that’s your work ethic. Your potential employers would want to ask questions about it – to evaluate you and how you can help promote their organization.

So today, I’m going to show you how to confront some of those questions interviewers usually use to evaluate their candidates during interviews. 

These questions often throw candidates off balance. Because it usually comes off as ambiguous, and it happens in almost every interview session. But relax, it’s just to evaluate your attitude to work.

What Is Work Ethic?

Work ethic is simply the level of effort and commitment you put into your job – that ability to maintain moral value within the workspace. It’s a core value that’s based on hard work and diligence. And it should reflect in your work achievements.

Although your work ethic and work achievements are two different things, they are related. While your work ethic is your level of commitment to your job, your work achievements are the results of your work ethic. 

It’s not enough to just recite impressive adjectives such as ‘reliable’, ‘consistent’, and ‘trustworthy’. But rather give a detailed description that will leave your potential employers convinced that you are the right candidate.

Here are 5 things to consider in describing your work ethic during interviews:

Your Strengths 

Your employers don’t want to hear about what you are struggling with or where you are not good at, so don’t bore them with that. Instead of saying you struggle to wake up in the morning, tell them how you start every fresh day, which could be with a hot cup of coffee.

Also, add how you look forward to your daily tasks with zeal and enthusiasm. In summary, your work ethic description should reflect your professional strengths.

Your Level of Productivity

Your level of productivity is another tool your potential employer will try to use to evaluate your work ethic during an interview. How does your work ethic enhance your productivity? How many times have you exceeded your daily outputs and targets because of your outstanding work ethic? These are the areas your potential employers are interested in.

For instance, instead of just saying… 

“I am productive during work hours’, you could say ‘I have always been one of the few workers recognized for delivering above the minimum requirements and asking to take on more work.”

Sharing your high level of productivity at the job interview is a very good way to say you have a strong work ethic.

Your Cooperative Abilities

In describing your work ethic, it is important that you highlight how well you work in a team. Share your abilities as a team player. Talk about your successes as a member of a team. This gives your potential employers enough insight into your work ethic. And it will also increase your chances of getting the job. 

For instance,

“As a team member, I ensured that all members are duly recognized for their input by taking note of their individual strengths. I, therefore, exchanged my role in the team with another’s so that he is able to meet up with the deadline and get her full recognition.”

Your Level of Integrity

No one wants to hire a dishonest person. Therefore, your strong work ethic will be determined through instances where you passed the integrity test. This is why sharing examples of when you had to demonstrate your integrity in the past will help convince your potential employers that you are the right candidate they are looking for.

Your Level of Responsibility

As earlier stated, it is not by merely saying you are responsible, which is what anyone else would say anyway. You have to go the extra mile to highlight your level of responsibility with previous job positions you’ve occupied. This point is very important because it helps your employers understand your work ethic better, even without you necessarily stating the obvious.


Describing your work ethic in a job interview is not difficult. It simply requires you being detailed and factual. It should be a delight to share how good your work ethic is using your unique work experiences. 

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