Hiring Organization: Watu Credit Limited

Locations: Ibadan and Abeokuta
Resumption Date: October 2020
Reporting Line: Operations & HR Manager

Task and Responsibilities

Manage Financial Planning, Budgeting, and reporting
Carry out all the payments for both by cash and the Operational Bank account.
Prepare cash count & bank reconciliation statement at the end of each month.
To ensure bank books & cash book are closed, reconciled & sent to Coordination office on monthly basis together with the bank reconciliation & cash counts.
Ensure that all the administrative documents are copied before sending the originals to the capital office
Manage the advances, ensuring invoices are received and that they are consistent with the Watu Credit procedures (invoice accurate and signed)
Verify accuracy of and pay invoices for purchases
Ensure that any purchase respect Watu Credit procurement procedure
Liaise with the log department for any discrepancy and missing procedure
Maintain cash, bank, supplier contracts, PAYE, vendor & all other finance relevant contracts in finance department.
Verify & cross check branch office monthly financial documents are correctly allocated & completed as per WATU CREDIT Archiving guidelines
Archive financial files as per WATU CREDIT archiving guidelines, keep copies at the branch office & send original to Coordination Office on monthly basis.
Ensure that all staff submit all related documents as required by HR department.
Track and share leaves of the branch office.
Provide timely request of supplies required on monthly basis.
Follow up with office administrative suppliers to ensure timely receipt of supplies and make such arrangement that the supplies are available at all time.
Arrange accommodation for incoming and outgoing staff in hotels based upon approved travel plan.
Make payment voucher for processing of hotel payments


B.Sc. Accounting, Bachelor level degree in Management, Finance, or related field; MBA or similar higher degree a plus.

Skills and Experience:

2+ years of experience in one or more of the following areas: Administration, HR, Finance, Logistics
Exceptional organization and planning skills, ability to manage and follow work plans
Highly developed interpersonal, communication, able to negotiate, influence, give effective feedback, be a team player
Able to manage stress effectively, juggle competing priorities, balance various departments and team needs
Previous micro-finance experience
Experience supervising a team

Key Behavioral Competence
Adaptability / Decisiveness:

Ability and confidence to vary between being flexible and holding firm on a decision, depending on what the situation requires.
Showing leadership by adjusting one’s approach to the demands of a particular task by taking and maintaining a position in a self-assured manner.

Initiative / Perseverance:

Ability to be willing to take action to address needs without being requested to do so.
Staying on-task to completion, particularly in the face of obstacles or other trying circumstances.

Interpersonal Skills:

Ability to work effectively with different people and teams of people by putting others at ease.
Acknowledging diverse opinions, addressing relevant concerns, minimizing conflict, promoting harmony.
Cooperating with others and working toward consensual solutions to achieve the group’s objectives.

Organizational Skills:

Ability to identify and set priorities, plan and effectively allocate appropriate resources.
To attend to detail so that relevant issues are addressed and result in high-quality outcomes.

Stress Management:

Ability to work well under pressure or opposition, while maintaining effectiveness and self-control in the midst of any one or combination of stressors, including emotional strain, ambiguity, risk to self and fatigue.

Valuing Service and Diversity:

Ability to be sensitive to client and community needs and perceptions by providing prompt, efficient and equitable service, involving clients and community in the resolution of problems that affect them. fast, efficient and professional manner.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should forward their CV to: [email protected] using the Position as subject of the email.