Hiring Organisation: eHealth4everyone

eHealth4everyone is a leading digital health social enterprise dedicated to making the world healthier.

We are a new kind of mission-driven organization with services, expertise and products focused on making the business of healthcare delivery work for everyone, through technology-enabled optimizations. We believe that if health is a right, proven digital health solutions and expertise such as ours should not be a privilege.

Working with participants across the spectrum of healthcare, from individuals, healthcare providers, government departments and stakeholders, insurance organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and various private sector players, we enable high performance across the continuum of healthcare delivery and management.

Job Description

We are looking for a Low-code Software engineer who will be responsible for developing applications using a low-code development platform, setting up and configuring systems for each project’s unique requirements which revolves around:
Delivering enterprise applications with minimal traditional coding needed *
Working with three key elements: form builders, pre-built templates, drag-and-drop visual interface, entity builder
Researching and analyzing internal business processes with the scope of optimizing and automating them
Building technology like a software engineer, but faster and smarter using productivity tools
Strong confidence in leading customer project engagements is essential, but it can be gained in time too.


Minimum (2) years experience with: technical Support, specializing in software and problem diagnosis, experience with frontend frameworks.


Knowledge of APIs and experience of software integration
Agile working practice, structured project management, and communication
Ability to diagnose application issues and to decide what can be done with low-code instead of traditional coding (80/20 rule)
Intuition about how an idea can be turned to an actual working application using drag and drop visual environment
Familiarity with pre-built templates, drag-and-drop visual interface, entity builder
An ability to work remotely across multiple projects
Productivity and performance focus
Curious and a continuous hunger for learning and staying up to date with the latest solutions on the market (especially in the low-code field)
Analytical mind Creativity, open-minded attitude
Knowledge of Google sheets, Zapier, Google Forms, Office365, Microsoft Automate and other automation tools are added advantage.


A detailed CV that contains links to previous/current projects, Social media & Github accounts and current communities of your membership. Applicants without these may not be considered.

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