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Location: Damaturu, Yobe State
Start date: As Soon As Possible
Direct Line Manager: Fleet Officer

Objective 1
Perform Radio operator duties and responsibilities

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Be the focal point for VHF and HF communication between the base and teams on field missions according to needs and SOPs.
Monitor the ACF frequencies and clear them from non-authorized users.
Keep the radio logbook (location, date and hour of important messages or events) as indicated on SOPs.
Keep the SAT Phone logbook.
Keep all SAT Phone charge for next day operation.
Transmit / relay messages between teams / AAH Nigeria bases when signal is low.
Take messages and transmit them to the appropriate person in the office
Dispatch according to the needs and register the loan of VHF radio handsets
Ensure all security advisories from the Area Co are immediately relayed to the staff and immediately report sensitive/security related matters to the supervisor or Area Coordinator.
Report any disrespect of SOPs from any staff/team to the Field Coordinator.
Training new staff/visitors on the use of VHF and HF radios.
Ensure all VHF/HF base and handheld stations are in good working condition
Ensure maintenance of all equipment : batteries, acid, connections, tosmètre
Train staff on how to use HF/VHF
Support SSMAN in overall security management of Yobe State.
Monitor all field movements and report any unusual movement to SSMAN, Fleet officer or area Coordinator.

Objective 2
Office assistant and support teams in clerical tasks

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Support request from teams to perform scans, photocopy and filling.
Organise scanning, photocopying and saving of all SCM documents, financial documents and program documents.
Assist Base Admin to arrange for accommodation bookings for visiting staff.
Assist Base Logistician in maintaining the inventory of assets within office and accommodation rooms.
Maintain the office notice boards.
Maintain and update daily movement plan on board.
Assist in extracting and inputting data and files from various sources in administrative, human resource, procurement, logistics and ACF systems.
Assist in the supervision of office cleaner/cook and casual workers.
Perform any other assigned office duty.

Additional responsibilities:

  • To contact immediately the Fleet Officer and/or Base logistician in case of problem or incident.
  • Assists in additional jobs that do not interfere with his normal duties
  • Helps logistics (loading and off-loading cargo) if necessary
  • May be assigned to fulfil other logistic duties on the absence of base logistician
  • Maintain good relation with AAH staff, UN Agencies, INGO, Local Authorities

Position Requirements

Completed Secondary education in an accredited academic institution

Skills and Experience

  • Minimum two years of relevant professional experience on office operation/assistance and related experiences.
  • Flexible in terms of working hours
  • Excellent command of spoken and written English


  • Previous experience in INGO at the same level of position
  • Knowledge about radio installation/basic maintenance, electricity or any technical field

Minimum Monthly Basic Salary: NGN109,897 per Month