Hiring Organization: Malaria Consortium

Grade: 7
Hours: 40.00
Job Type: Fixed Term
Level: Operations – Logistics
Length of contract: 1 year
Department: Operations / Logistics
Travel involved: 20%
Child safeguarding level: 2 – Moderate Risk
Reporting to: Zonal Project Manager
Dotted line manager: Country Commodity Manager

Country and Project Background
Malaria is highly endemic in Nigeria and it remains one of the leading causes of childhood and maternal morbidity and mortality in the country. Nigeria is deeply committed to making progress towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and it recognizes the fact that, without firm efforts to control malaria, achievement of the targets related to child mortality, maternal mortality, and reducing the burden of communicable disease will not be possible. Malaria therefore constitutes a significant development challenge for Nigeria.

Malaria Consortium has recently received funding to implement SMC in three West African countries including Nigeria. In Nigeria, malaria consortium has decided to use the fund to continue SMC implementation in the 4 states it has been supporting since 2013 with UNITAID (Sokoto and Zamfara), DFID (Katsina and Jigawa) and BMSMC (Katsina) funds.

Under this new funding and any anticipated additional funding, all Malaria Consortium SMC activities in county will be consolidated into a single project and managed by senior project manager who will report to the country programme manager.

Job Purpose:

To provide technical support on the supply chain management of malaria commodities at the project office in the State, Nigeria.

Scope of Work:

The Supply chain officer will be actively responsible for maintaining an effective and efficient logistic management and inventory control of SMC drugs at the state level. S/he will be work directly within the State Logistic Management Coordinating Unit and the Malaria Consortium office at the assigned state.

Key Working Relationships:

The Supply Chain Officer will be a member of the programme implementation team and report to Country Commodity Manager in delivering programme work plan.

Key Accountabilities
Supply Chain Management (70%)

Ensuring that the supply chain activities meet the needs of the programmes in a timely manner and does so in accordance with donor requirements, MC policies and procedures.
Carry out monthly stock status assessment of all SMC commodities at the state central medical store and report on the assessment to higher levels flagging issues needing action
Coordinating SMC microplanning during which targets which form the basis for SMC drug quantification are determined
Provide technical support to strengthen the procurement and supply chain management of malaria commodities at the assigned state
Contribute to state-level quantification of commodities as well as development of distribution plans using credible and verifiable data sources
Support and assist in the management of SMC commodities at the assigned State Central Medical Stores (SCMS) and health facilities.
Ensure the availability and distribution of pharmaco-vigilance forms during each implementation cycle.
Provide guidance on reporting ADR using the pharmaco-vigilance forms to the state teams
Carrying out post-distribution gap analysis for all SMC commodities at the assigned state
Submit timely and accurate logistic report at the end of every SMC cycle and review all LMIS reports for SMC commodities at the assigned state.
Coordinate Reverse logistics for SMC drugs from health facilities to the state central medical store
Monitor the delivery of SMC commodities and escalate any discrepancies in the quantity of commodities delivered and any quality issues. This will be done at all the levels of the distribution of SMC commodities (SCMS, Health Facilities and Communities)
Working with the state Logistic Management Coordination Unit on the management of SMC commodities and also serves as a link between Malaria Consortium and the state Logistic Management Coordinating Unit
Provide support for the Monitoring and Evaluation team and reconcile logistic data with M&E data
Maintaining and regularly updating a database of SMC malaria commodity logistics data
Performs other duties as directed by the Zonal Project Manager.

Coordination / Feedback (30%):

Ensure smooth relationship with Country Office and Supply Chain Managers
Support collation and transmission of pharmacovilance reports to NAFDAC and the state LMCU
Coordinate micro-planning for the supply chain component of SMC implementation at the assigned state
Facilitate routine monitoring and supportive supervisory visits to health facilities on effective supply chain management of SMC commodities.
Coordinate review meetings for all LMIS SMC reports to provide feedbacks on the quality of LMIS reports
Provide regular feedback to the country Supply Chain Manager in a timely manner
Provides support to the zonal project manager on program implementation

Person Specification

Qualifications and Experience

Proven previous experience in Supply Chain and Logistics Management of Malaria or HIV / AIDS commodities
Have a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy with 5 years’ post – qualification experience
The person must be familiar with the national supply chain system of MoH and LMIS, including MCLS
Experience working with and engaging stakeholders at the state level
Ability to engage with stakeholders on the supply chain management of public health commodities
Good inter-personal, communication and planning skills


Experience with a good understanding of logistic management of public health commodities in Nigeria

Work-based Skills and Competencies:

Strong analytical skills
Proven writing skills in English
Ability to work effectively and sensitively in developing countries
A collaborative and flexible style, with a strong service mentality
Negotiation, Facilitation and coordination skills


Demonstrable passion for Malaria Consortium’s mission; a strategic manager with integrity and a desire to work in a dynamic environment
Excellent computer skills in Excel and knowledge and use of database tools

Core Competencies
Delivering results:

LEVEL B – Takes on pieces of work when required and demonstrates excellent project management skills:

Shows a flexible approach to taking on additional work/ responsibilities when needed to achieve results
Demonstrates excellent project management skills to agreed timescales (timelines, targets, donor requirements)
Makes clear and timely decisions within remit of own role

Analysis and use of information:
LEVEL B – Uses evidence to support work:

Identifies and uses various sources of evidence and feedback to support outputs
Uses evidence to evaluate policies, projects and programmes
Identifies links between events and information identifying trends, issues and risks
Ensures systems are in place to address organisation needs

Interpersonal and communications:
LEVEL B – Fosters two-way communication:

Recalls others’ main points and takes them into account in own communication
Checks own understanding of others’ communication by asking questions
Maintains constructive, open and consistent communication with others
Resolves minor misunderstandings and conflicts effectively

Collaboration and partnering:
LEVEL A – Is a good and effective team player:

Knows who their customers are and their requirements
Respects and listens to different views / opinions
Actively collaborates across teams to achieve objectives and develop own thinking
Proactive in providing and seeking support from team members

Leading and motivating people:
LEVEL B – Manages own development and seeks opportunities:

Actively manages own development and performance positively
Learns lessons from successes and failures
Seeks and explores opportunities within Malaria Consortium which develop skills and expertise

Flexibility / adaptability:
LEVEL B – Remains professional under external pressure:

Able to adapt to changing situations effortlessly
Remains constructive and positive under stress and able to tolerate difficult situations and environments
Plans, prioritises and performs tasks well under pressure
Learns from own successes / mistakes

Living the values:
LEVEL B – Promotes Malaria Consortium values amongst peers:

Shows a readiness to promote Malaria Consortium’s values amongst peers
Promotes ethical and professional behaviour in line with Malaria Consortium’s values

Strategic planning and thinking and sector awareness:
LEVEL B – Is aware of others’ activities and vice versa in planning activities:

Takes account of team members’ and others’ workload when planning
Maintains awareness of impact on other parts of the organisation, keeping abreast of others’ activities, objectives, commitments and needs
Has a good understanding of the sector in which Malaria Consortium works





How to Apply

Click Here for More Information (PDF)Interested and qualified? Go to Malaria Consortium on recruitment.malariaconsortium.org to apply