why your body language is important at interviews

The importance of body language in a job interview cannot be overemphasized. Because it plays a key role in securing you the job. Your potential employers are not only concerned about your words, but about how you say them.

This is why it’s important to pay attention to your body language during any job interview.

And in this article, you will understand why your body language is critical to winning any interview and landing the job.

6 Reasons Why Body Language is so Important in a Job Interview

1. It Reveals Your Work Ethic

The interviewer can deduce your work ethic from your body language during a job interview. If you have a strong work ethic, it will be seen in the tone of your voice. And it will also be seen in how you maintain eye contact.

Avoiding eye contact with your interviewer on multiple occasions is a negative display of confidence. This ultimately passes you off as an unreliable candidate. Therefore, this is why you should not take your body language in a job interview for granted.

2. It Provides Better Recommendations 

Your body posture and voice during a job interview is bound to have a good effect on the interviewer. Remember that a job interview is not necessarily just to secure the job. It is also to make strong connections for yourself.

When you show positive body language in a job interview, high-profile individuals present during the interview will be more interested in you. And when this is the case, it is very likely that you will be called for the job.

3. It Helps Build a Good Working Relationship

Your goal is to get the job. Therefore, you have to literally see your job interview as your first day at work. And since this is the case, you don’t want to start your first day on a wrong note.

And, you also do not want to give your future colleagues a wrong impression about yourself. Thus, good body language on your first day will help you to build a good working relationship with them as you move on.

4. It Verifies Your CV/Resume

Having a good resume will only get you halfway – that is, to the job interview. But you will need to complement the achievements and qualifications on your resume with proper body language.

Your facial expressions, how you sit, how you position your hands on your lap in an interview room, can be a winning strategy. Because they show your level of confidence, which will also reflect in your voice.

Why avoid eye contact when you graduated with a strong CGPA? It is not about your achievements. It is about how proud you are of them. You certainly don’t want your efforts in building a strong resume to be in vain because of your wrong body language in the interview.

5. It Fills The Gap In Your Resume

Employers don’t hire resumes. They hire people. But while your resume must have represented you at first, you will have to represent your resume. And you do this through a non-verbal display.

Your resume may not be perfect. But you still stand a high chance when your body language is right even as you explain why you stayed only two months in a previous organization.

6. It increases your chances above a more qualified candidate.

But a lot of times, some candidates who seem absolutely qualified for the job do not eventually get it. And it might have happened to you too. Now, you know why. It was your body language in the interview. The right body language makes you become the better qualified candidate, even if you are not the most qualified on paper.


Your body language, which includes body posture, eye contact, and tone of voice is very important in acing your next interview.

It complement your resume and increases your chance of getting the job.

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